Hmong Innovating Politics

People Power.


Innovating civic engagement and leadership development.


Voter Engagement

In order to realize our vision of a socially and economically just democracy, HIP specializes in grassroots mobilization that utilizes direct voter contact and base building strategies. Our efforts target historically disenfranchised residents who have been ignored by decision makers or falsely characterized as apathetic. By removing barriers to voting, developing culturally and linguistically appropriate voter education materials, and empowering young people--we are ready to make voices heard!


Youth Leadership

Young people make up the largest proportion of our community. We believe young people are our future, but they are also our present. Their voices and their vision are essential to the progress of our community. HIP is committed to creating spaces for young people to thrive and to give them the tools to impact their community. 


Parent Engagement & Education Advocacy

From fighting school closures, to advancing support for English Learner students, to advocacy for Ethnic Studies; HIP is proud to stand for educational equity! We believe our communities can rise by overcoming the significant education disparities that communities of color face. Our efforts include helping immigrant parents navigate the school system and advocating for policies that improve education outcomes for our young people.


Social Justice & Coalition Building

HIP believes that the advancement of our community is intrinsically tied to realizing social justice for all. We believe that Black Lives Matters. We will fight to dismantle patriarchy and empower women. We will stand up for equality and work in solidarity with those who face discrimination and systemic racism.


The future is female.

Inspired by trailblazers who came before them, we believe the time is NOW for our generation to lead. By tearing down barriers, challenging cultural norms and smashing patriarchy--our community will rise. 


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