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New Maple Community Center Breathes New Life
They tried to bury us.
They didn’t know we were seeds.

By Nancy Xiong, HIP Organizer

Early this month, HIP joined La Familia Counseling Center for the 10th Anniversary of the Sacramento Hispanic/Latino Parade. On a street more known for its traffic, seeing families and children lined up along Franklin Boulevard was a welcomed change. This parade celebrated Sacramento’s deep-rooted Latino heritage and the stubborn resiliency of our South Sacramento community. 

Before the Sacramento City Unified School Board voted to close Maple Elementary and 6 other neighborhood schools in a controversial 4-3 decision, the vibrant campus was full of colorful laughter and supported by passionate parents. For those families, Maple was more than just a school. It was a place where they felt they belonged. It was a place they took ownership of because it represented hope for a better future. I thought to myself during the final tour of Maple Elementary, 'is this really it?' I felt frustrated because this community had endured so much and instead of celebrating Maple's tremendous parent involvement, the District shut the door on this incredible community. I wondered, what can we do to transform this space so that it will continue to meet the needs of our South Sacramento community? 

For two years, this campus sat completely vacant until this past July when La Familia signed a lease to officially take over Maple Elementary.  Maple Elementary is now re-opened as the Maple Neighborhood Center where it will serve as La Familia’s headquarters and resource hub for families.

Our community deserves a place to gather, grow and prosper. As a Mexican proverb states, "They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."

Increased Education Funding Reveal Closed Schools were Truly WRONG-SIZED


Fox 40 News Reports: Will Refocused Education Spending Reopen Closed Sacramento Schools?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question posed by Fox 40 News last night is "NO." Governor Brown's State of the State revealed that SCUSD had an opportunity to exercise patience and make more sound policy decisions. Instead, the former Superintendent and School Board Members ignored families and rushed to close seven neighborhood schools. As it turns out, the District's WRONG-SIZING plan drove even more students away from Sac City and as a result, the district will lose money they could have saved had the schools remained open.

As HIP Organizer Tong Thao articulates, "Moving forward, we want to make sure that the District is transparent and the funding doesn't get diluted." HIP more interested in proactive solutions such as reducing class sizes, closing the achievement gap, engaging limited-English proficient families and mitigating the terrible impact school closures of have had on displaced students.