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Southeast Asian Community urges UC Davis Health System to renew the Medi-Cal contract


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 12, 2016 Contact: Nancy Xiong | 209.829.9358

Sacramento, CA – On Friday afternoon, Hmong Innovating Politics (HIP) stood in solidarity with Senator Dr. Richard Pan and local health advocates to urge UC Davis Health System to bring back primary care services for low-income families in Sacramento. By ending their Medi-Cal managed care contracts last year, UC Davis Health System abandoned 3,700 Medi-Cal patients throughout Sacramento County without access to care.  According to the 2015 US Census, 18.1% of Sacramento residents are below the federal poverty line. Sacramento’s most vulnerable communities already face many barriers when it comes to accessing primary care.

As HIP Organizer Cha Vang describes, “The choice to reject Medi-Cal patients is about priorities and values. By sacrificing low-income families and children to achieve short-term fiscal savings, the health system must now deal with a surge of much more expensive urgent and emergency care patients. More importantly, families no longer have access to the basic coverage they need to live healthy lives. As a public institution, we hope UC Davis Health System will re-prioritize local residents and reconsider their decision to end their Medi-Cal contracts.”

UC Davis Health is world renowned for its culturally and linguistically appropriate care. Sadly, its decision to reject Medi-Cal patients leaves those that need culturally and linguistically competent care the most are now longer able to access those services. In particular, Hmong, Mien, Lao and Khmer community members have come to rely on UC Davis Health language services and programs. Thus, HIP urges UC Davis Health System to renew the Medi-Cal contract so families in South Sacramento can receive the care they need.