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HIP is thrilled to announce the launch of our HIP Organizing Academy. This 9-month Academy will help build the skills you need to become an effective organizer in your community. We believe transformative change that improves the lives of marginalized communities must be led by those communities. In addition to giving you the building blocks for organization, we will ask you to help us innovate the ways we can reach and mobilize our community.

In order for us to help our marginalized communities, we need to elect the marginalized.


  • The goals of the HIP Organizing Academy is to be a two-way exchange to help develop the skills community members need to become effective organizers in their communities while at the same time giving them the space where they can contribute their experience and background to strategize more innovative ways to mobilize and impact the community. The Academy aims to give participants the opportunity to experience and apply first hand the concepts they learn in the academy and also a platform for them to launch and work on a specific issue they feel passionate about.


  • All community members are welcome to apply. If you’re interested in building new skills, connecting with other people, and being a force of change, you should apply!


  • HIP Academy is an 9-month (April - December) course where we aim to integrate tangible skill-sets through our monthly workshops with activities and events in between so that participants can have real-time experience applying what they learn in the course through their time in the field. 


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