Meet Laura Vu


What would your walk out song be?

Why did you join HIP?

I joined HIP because the community's voice needs to be heard and involved when decisions are made in regards to allocating resources or laws that protect and benefit the community.

How has being a part of HIP impacted your life?

Being a part of HIP has given me opportunities to:

  1. develop myself professionally with community organizing skills that are composed of a wide range roles and responsibilities that are necessary to effectively organize and mobilize the community;
  2. connect and work with passionate, skilled, intelligent and creative like-minded folks who share HIP's vision and mission as I do; and
  3. taught me about my own capabilities and challenges me to overcome my personal limitations.

Why should someone join HIP?

People should join HIP because they share HIP's vision for a more just and equitable society--and they understand the importance of ensuring that the community's interests are represented in the local politics of Sacramento. People should also join HIP to explore and challenge themselves to better understand their role in ensuring the community's voice is included in the decision-making process.

Community organizing isn’t easy, but through HIP, you share the work with passionate people who deeply and genuinely care too.

What is your favorite moment from your time in HIP?

My favorite memory from my time with HIP was our group dinner immeidately after SCUSD voted to close 7 elementary schools. Collectively, we debriefed and reflected on the experience--recognizing that even though it wasn't the result we worked for, we appreciated the experience because it forced us all to grow as individuals and as a team. It pushed us to define HIP's mission and vision.

Where do you think the Hmong community will be in 5 years? in 20?

In 5 years, the Hmong community will see more educated young professionals who will have the burning desire to give back to the community beyond their career.  HIP can be that space for these individuals to channel their passion, talents and gifts to change society for the better.

In 20 years, I know the Hmong community will be active, present and represented in decisions that impact not just the Hmong but other disenfranchised communities.

When I'm not hustling for HIP, you can find me...

hustling for the Building Our Future (BOF) Community Campaign--a local, national and global effort to end domestic violence within the Hmong community and encourage dialogue about gender equity with a social justice lens.  Aside from my community organizing work with HIP, BOF or my job; I like to have catch-up dinners and hangouts with family and/or friends, sharing our favorite spots to wine and dine or try recommended and rated places to eat and drink here in Sacramento.

My partner and I love spending time with each other, so you'll most likely see us both together if we are out and about enjoying our time off to self-care. But most of the time, we are home-bodies type of people so if I'm taking advantage of my time to either catch up on sleep, catch up on exercise, catch up on Game of Thrones or Fresh Off the Boat, go grocery-shopping to prepare and cook food, simply listening to music or making music by playing guitar. Once in awhile, we are out in Fresno or Monterrey visiting family for the weekend, but we love Sacramento. It's definitely a place we see ourselves settling and start a family when we're both ready.